Returns Policy

Customer Satisfaction Policy:

Items can be returned and fully refunded due to buyer's remorse within 7 days from delivery date at manufacturer's cost of transportation.

Faulty of Defective Item's Policy:

Your furniture is covered for 30 days against faulty or defective parts and materials. This includes all product components such as tops, drawer parts, shelves, plinths, hardware, etc.

Any defect covered by this warranty that is reported to us during the 30 days will be addressed by the shipment of replacement part(s) to the customer at the manufacturer's expense, including transportation. In cases when orders are shipped in multiple boxes and part of them get lost in transit, the manufacturer will proceed with the replacement of the remaining missing boxes.

Alternatively, the replacement of the whole product or order may occur only in cases where the manufacturer considers it necessary, and the defective item(s) must be returned to the manufacturer at the manufacturer's expense of transportation. In such cases customers must rebox the faulty or defective items for carriers to be able to transport them back.

Should an issue arise after the warranty period, the manufacturer may or may not be able to supply replacement parts, if available. Parts and transportation costs may apply.

Issues During Transportation Policy:

Your warranty covers issues that may occur during transportation including damages, missing components or missing products.

Items for which the transport company shows tracking status as "delivered", or for which the transport company has proof of delivery are considered delivered and fulfilled by the manufacturer. Any claims of missing boxes or items in such cases must be addressed directly with the transport company, and it is not the manufacturer's responsibility.

Warranty Limitations:

This warranty does not include:

  1. Any condition resulting from other than ordinary residential wear or any use for which the product was not intended, such as rental or contract trade.
  2. Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance or care.
  3. Damage resulting from misuse or negligence.
  4. Products purchased by any unauthorized dealers.
  5. Products that have been modified or customized.


Please send an email, with photos and batch number (if available) of the damaged or missing parts confirming the issue and the part number to the following: